Backline is a 6-piece band out of Spartanburg, SC. Established February of 2016. They write and perform about 80% of our music catalog. We are largely structured off original material. They are a contemporary bluegrass band that focuses on tight arrangements and clean harmonies. They perform grassed up country covers, and traditional bluegrass covers as well. Our goal is to bring a lively, but unique form of entertainment to the audiences we get to play for. They would love the opportunity to share our music and grow our fan base in an entirely new way! In the area in which the band grew up, there were a lot of old abandoned textile mills around. A lot of the members had families who worked in a few of those mills as kids and teenagers. There were many sections of the “Mill Hill Villages” in which people who worked at the mill would live. There was the “Boss” line for owners, foremen and management families. Then there was the “Side” and “Back” line. These held housing rows for the everyday mill worker’s families. This is where the name of the group came from. Tying a little piece of our local history into something new. Backline is proud to represent the State of South Carolina. They have bandmates who are members of IBMA. The band is members of SPGMA and members of and representatives of the South Carolina Bluegrass and Traditional Music Association.


Tickets are $15. You can pre purchase tickets at Briar Patch Marketplace & Cafe. Tickets will also be available online. Check the “Buy Tickets” tab on our homepage. You can also buy tickets the day of the show at the door. Doors open at 6pm.