Linda Lay, Sammy Shelor, & Friends

Linda and Sammy come from legendary musical communities on Virginia’s Crooked Road. The Meadows of Dan and Clayman Valley are tiny mountain places separated by 150 miles of hairpin turns, old mills, crossroads stores, mom and pop eateries, and towns with one stop light or none, but only 90 miles by the way the crow flies.

Linda was a founding member and played for twenty years with Appalachian Trail, an innovative string band, and became its featured singer. David Lay is among the brilliant musicians she met in those years, and the one that impressed her most. Their marriage is full of love and harmony; their voices blend beautifully in a duet, and he is her favorite rhythm guitarist. It was David who encouraged her to venture out to tour with other musicians, and he is always beside her.

When Sammy Shelor joined Lonesome River Band in 1990, he never envisioned himself leading the band only ten years later. Fresh off a six year stint with the popular Virginia Squires, Sammy came on board along with Ronnie Bowman and before long, had recorded the landmark LRB album, Carrying The Tradition with Dan Tyminski and Tim Austin. This recording quickly moved the group to headliner status, where they have remained ever since. When founder Tim Austin left in 1995 to focus on his studio, Sammy and Ronnie Bowman took over band management, and when Ronnie left in 2001, Sammy found himself in charge, leading the band that had hired him ten years earlier.

They’ll also be joined by Linda’s husband, David Lay. They’ll be joined by their dear friend and member of the Lonesome River Band, Jesse Smathers.

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