The Family Sowell

This is the latest project from the Knoxville, Tenn.-based Family Sowell, previously known as the Sowell Family Pickers. The family members are Abigail Sowell (mandolin), Jacob Sowell (banjo, guitar), John-Mark Sowell (fiddle), Joshua Sowell (guitar, mandolin), Justus Sowell (resonator guitar), Naomi Sowell (bass), and Cindy Sowell (vocals). The project is a mix of upbeat secular and gospel tunes featuring wonderfully tight sibling harmonies and superb musicianship from this young family.

A number of the selections are written or co-written by band members along with help from other writers such as Donna Ulisse, David Morris, and Jerry Salley. Songs include the title-cut “Same Kind Of Different,” “Good Place,” “In My Bible,” “Something ’Bout Love,” “I See Him,” “Let Me Be The Dove,” “Key Of Love,” and the John Hartford instrumental “Squirrel Hunter.” Again, it is hard to beat sibling harmony with many of the lead vocals coming from Abigail, Naomi, and Cindy. Each member is quite adept on their chosen instrument and blend well with the harmonies and arrangements.

Tickets will be available at the box office the day of the event, and go on sale at 6pm.